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Fire Alarm

January sleeping soundly upstairs in the villa on in Sydney. The forty-three in the morning, he wakes with a jolt that the fire alarm is triggered. He rushes out of bed, out of the bedroom and down the stairs. On the fly, he brought his powder extinguishers. Then begins the fight against the fire.

On May 12, just over three years ago, it could have ended really badly for John Carlson, 71. That night burned his home and nearly everything was lost. It was barely his life could be saved.

– I do not remember much from the fire, but without alarm, I had not survived, says John.

The fire started on the patio and the smoke spread into the living room smoke detector triggered the alarm. When John comes rushing he opened the patio door and the smoke perfectly welling up.

РI threw myself down on the floor and started crawling towards the front door. Everything went really fast. I breathed in fumes and became dizzy and nauseous. Then I do not remember any more, says  John.

He continues: – Instead of crawling out, I locked myself in the bathroom which is right next to the front door. Why I do not know, but I think I took the wrong door.

Fire alarm security

“John¬†took the wrong door and was lying unconscious in the bathroom when the smoke filled the house. The rebate visible imprints by guards.”

Everything goes very fast

Nine seconds after the alarm goes off ringing alarm operator Amanda home to John. No answer. A minute later, the next alarm, this time from the smoke detector upstairs.

– Amanda now understand that it is seriously so she alerts the emergency services and trying to call home to John again. Still no answer, so now she calls to john’s all contacts, but no one answers, says Roger Berger, director of emergency services in Sydney.

When Amanda receives images from the alarm system camera detectors, she sees a clear smoke. She forwards the information to the emergency services.

– We have a good cooperation with the emergency and as soon as we suspect that the fire alarm we have them. Alarm System cameras play an important role because we are using the images to see what happens in the home, continues Roger Berger.

Fire alarm Monitoring

“In the monitoring centre in Sydney specialised operators work around the clock, year round.”

Eventually the alarm centre hold of a neighbour who locates John of the bathroom. – She told me that she looked out of her window, but saw nothing, says john’s living apart Bridget. And it was not surprising because the fire was on the back. When she walked out, she saw that the bathroom window was ajar, and when she walked closer, she heard January wail there.

January is rescued at the last moment

While the rescue is on the way home to John arrives guardians who begin the rescue operation. They get up bathroom window but can not pull out him. One of the guards extend in after him and manage to keep him up to the window so that he gets the oxygen.

– I have tried to contact the security guard to thank him, says John. I never got a hold of him, but one day he rose. He saved my life.

When the emergency comes, about thirteen minutes after the alarm is tripped, they get quickly out of the house in January. Both he and the security guard are rushed by ambulance to the hospital.

House fire saved by ALARM

Picture from the patio into the living room. In the background is the patio door as John opened when he wanted to put out the fire.”

At the Hospital in Sydney noted that John lungs is 23.8% filled with carbon monoxide, the limit of what can normally survive is 25%. The guard comes off lightly and should leave the hospital the next day. Jan has become remained in intensive care for ten days.

“The alarm saved my life”

Now it’s three and a half years since the fire in house, what caused the fire could not be determined. John will never be completely recovered, either physically or mentally. But he’s alive.

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