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A new Australian study shows that an accident seldom comes alone when it comes to burglary. If the neighbour has had break-ins increases the risk that you will also suffer – with up to 160 percent!

It is a master’s thesis in Criminology by Laura at Sydney University who has analysed all burglaries in Sydney between 2009 and 2014. The figures show that a burglary in the area significantly increases the risk of multiple burglaries. The first week after a burglary, it is most likely that the next burglary occurs within 200 meters, and the second week is the risk that a maximum of 100 meters.

The risk may also be increased by up to 180 percent compared with no break-in occurred in the vicinity, a pattern that is also known from studies in other countries. And although the correlation decreases with time and distance, the risk is elevated for several weeks and up to a KM away.

The risk is elevated for several weeks, up to a KiloMeter away

The thief learns area

The reasons for the increased risk, according to study more. First, learn the thief how an area looks like, what vulnerabilities and escape routes available, and uses it. This reduces the thief both the risk and the need for research. Of course it is not impossible that other thieves may hear of an area where someone else made a successful break-in – or had a “good return”.

How to protect yourself

To be extra vigilant weeks after a burglary in the neighbourhood is a very good idea. To reduce the risk of you to suffer there are two things you can do:

Get a good burglar . According to statistics from the National Council for Crime suffer homes without alarm systems three times as often as the burglary. With a modern alarm system gives you also a possible burglar less time in the house and with video surveillance, the police have more chance to identify the thieves.

Start neighbourhood . An active neighbourhood invasions decreases by 25 percent, and 19 of 20 burglars itself states that they avoid any break into watch areas.

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